The Firm

The firm is based in Limassol – Cyprus and is situated in the heart of Limassol. It was founded in 2010 by Nicolas Mouktaroudes, under the name “N. Mouktaroudes & Associates LLC”.

Our firm is an independent full-service law firm, aiming in creating strong relationships with our clients so that individual, companies and financial institutions entrust us with their most complex problems and legal or business issues, which are evaluated and considered by our professional team of lawyers. Providing individualized attention to our clients, we want to understand them and earn their trust, so that we always meet their expectations.

The skills of lawyers and associates of the firm, the relationship with our clients and the quality of our practices provide us with sufficient advantage and efficiency in our work. Our lawyers, members of the Cyprus Bar Association, combine their knowledge and skills to provide our clients with high quality  as well as cost-effective services.

Our work is divided into various divisions and mainly in the core areas of the following commercial activities:

  1. Litigation and Arbitration

    Litigation and arbitration is one of the firm’s core areas of practice. Our legal team is widely experienced in the main areas of litigation and arbitration. We understand client’s needs and especially the preference to resolve any dispute without resorting to Court, taking into account the client’s need for fast process at minimum expense. Advocates of our firm deal with all types of cases (civil, criminal, administrative) at the Supreme Court of Cyprus, the District Courts, Family Courts, Rent Control Courts and Labor Courts.

  2. Corporate Law

    Cyprus is an attractive destination for international clients due to a number of reasons. The tax system, the double taxation treaties with 27 other countries and the option to form many types of companies make Cyprus an attractive destination in the corporate sector.

  3. E-Commerce

    Our firm advices and provide services in relation to the registration of Copyrights and Trademarks, Online Contracts, Online Dispute Resolution (ODR), Intellectual Property, Personal Data Protection and Domain Names.

  4. Intellectual Property

    A major advantage of registering an I.P. right in Cyprus resulting from a recent amendment (in May 2012) made in the Income Tax Law, relating to the taxation of I.P. assets in Cyprus. According to the new regime, 80% of the net profits resulting from royalties are exempted from corporate tax (deemed deduction). The remaining 20% is subject to the standard 12,5 % corporate tax. It should be noted that, the taxation also applies on the occasion when the I.P. right might be sold.

  5. Banking and Finance

    Our services are within the legal framework of the Financial Instruments Directive (“MiFID”) which is the European piece of legislation that determines the way investment services are provided across the European Economic Area. One of MiFID’s main objectives is to provide a high level of investors protection.

  6. Shipping and Maritime

    Our firm has extensive practice on shipping law and provides high quality services and advice to various renowned shipping companies and organisations based in Cyprus and abroad and many companies – members of Cyprus Union of Shipowners.

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