Real Estate and Estate Planning

Real Estate in Cyprus is an attractive long-term investment for companies and individuals who seek diversification and stable yields in an uncertain economy. We understand the real estate market and have in-depth knowledge of the industry. The real estate sector is a key practice area of our firm.

Mouktaroudes & Associates can advise potential clients and provide services on the full range of real estate matters and transactions, however complex they may be. Our clients will benefit from our significant experience in navigating regulatory and legal issues, as well as from our experience in liaising with all stakeholders and applicable governmental bodies. Our firm will assist you from the moment you decide to enter into a real estate transaction, guide you through the negotiating process, review with you all issues, represent you in all relevant governmental bodies (e.g., the Town Planning Authorities, Land Registry, Tax Department) and until completion of your transaction. We are always ready to represent you in Court, if necessary, with regards to a real estate dispute or arrangement, against individuals, companies or governmental authorities.

We offer a wide range of services, including:

* Guidance through the process of a real estate investment or selling of real estate assets in Cyprus

* Negotiate, Draft and Review real estate related agreements to avoid future disputes

* Navigate and answer complex legal and regulatory issues and concerns

* Provide assistance in real estate transactions and projects from start to completion

* Assist in Estate Planning

* Draft and File with the Probate Courts all necessary applications for both national and international clients

* Draft and Review Wills and Trusts

* Representation in Court, if necessary, in relation to real estate or succession issues and/or disputes

* Search for and cure title defects

* Eviction on behalf of landlords and unfair evictions on behalf of tenants

Our firm is also experienced in matters of estate planning and of wills and succession. Especially, in matters involving succession matters/planning and the administration of estates we provide trust, sincerity and foster a conflict-free zone for resolving any disputes thereof.

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