Dispute Resolution and Litigation

Our litigation team fosters a conflict-free zone in resolving disputes and upon evaluation and research for your case, our litigation department will be able to give you honest advice concerning your claim or defense.

We partner with our clients to manage risk and to avoid litigation wherever possible. Yet if, upon assessment and upon calculation of associated risks, going to Court is either necessary or unavoidable, we will analyse the negotiating weaknesses of opponents and devise optimum procedural tactics or creative settlement approaches.

Our Dispute Resolution, Litigation & Arbitration department can help you with the following:

* Civil Litigation and Interim Orders and Injunctions, including Norwich Pharmacal and Freezing Injunctions

* Corporate and Commercial Disputes

* Arbitration and Mediation (A.D.R.)

* Registration and Enforcement of Foreign Judgments and Arbitration Awards

* Debt Recovery

* Insurance Claims

* Personal Injuries

* Real Estate related disputes

* Wills and Succession Law related disputes

* Administrative Litigation

* Family Law related disputes

* Criminal Litigation and Private Criminal Procedures

* Labor Law and Litigation

Our firm can represent you at the Supreme Court of Cyprus, the District Courts, Family Court, Rent-Control Court and Labor Court.

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